Magic Kingdom Tangerine 4g Mint




Magic Kingdom Tangerine 4g Mint

Magic kingdom mint are one of the most sort after chocolate gummies in the market. This 4g mushroom mint are sweet.  It will leave you tripping for a good while. Our magic kingdom mint are made with the finest couvertue mint and mushrooms of the highest quality.

Want to escape easily and have fresh breath while doing it? We got the freeway to a fresh way to take a delightful ride to the Magic Kingdom. Try a new wonderful way to enjoy the magic.

Magic Kingdom Tangerine 4g Mint

Magic Kingdom mint have been known to induce feelings of euphoria, generate creativity, create visual distortions, and sometimes induce life-changing spiritual journeys!

  • Artisanally Crafted
  • 16 mints / 0.25g Psilocybin per piece


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