Magic Kingdom Fruit Punch 4g Gummies



Magic Kingdom Fruit Punch 4g Gummies | Magic Kingdom Edibles

Magic kingdom gummies are one of the most sort after chocolate gummies in the market. This 4g mushroom gummies are creamy and sweet. Similar to other mk shroom bars this acai chocolate still packs a punch. It will leave you tripping for a good while. Our magic kingdom gummies are made with the finest couvertue chocolate bars and mushrooms of the highest quality.

Magic Kingdom Gummies have been known to induce feelings of euphoria, generate creativity, create visual distortions, and sometimes induce life-changing spiritual journeys!

Magic Kingdom mushroom gummies have similar effects to most psychedelic mushroom chocolate bars. The major effects of consuming our gummies include:

  • Slow Reaction Time
  • Inspires Creativity
  • Hallucinations
  • It inspires relaxation and happiness

Magic Kingdom Fruit Punch 4g Gummies

Listed above are just a few effects of consuming our bars and other mushroom chocolates in general. What makes fusion shroom bars different from the rest is the short, intense trip that hits you at had first. This leads to a full body high, finally leaving you in a completely relaxed state.


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