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MK Chocolate: The Future of Mushroom Chocolate

Presenting Magic Kingdom Mushroom Bars, a novel brand of magic mushroom chocolate bars that swiftly gained popularity thanks to its exceptional quality. At MK Chocolates bars, we specialize in crafting 3.5g chocolate bars.

MK Shroom Bars stand out as pioneers in producing 3.5g magic mushroom chocolate bars. These bars boast superior potency, rivaling some of the best mushroom bars, including the likes of Polkadot and Neau Tropics.

While the Effects of MK Mushroom Bars align with those of other mushroom chocolates, what sets MK Chocolate apart is the potent strains utilized in the chocolate making process. Our Chocolate bars and Gummies are guaranteed to provide an experience that will have you comfortably immersed on the couch. With Magic Kingdom Shroom Bars, embark on a trip that transcends the ordinary.

Mushroom Chocolate Bar

Our dedicated team at Magic Kingdom Chocolate has crafted six delightful flavors exclusively for our loyal customers. These flavors exhibit a wide range of tastes, ensuring there’s a choice for every palate. It’s worth noting that MK Chocolates are both organic and vegan. Our mushroom chocolate bars are meticulously created using the finest couverture chocolate and the most potent homegrown functional mushrooms.

In other to guarantee the highest quality, we employ a blend of various mushrooms in our production process, setting our bars apart and enabling them to compete with any others in the market. Your satisfaction and a premium chocolate experience are our top priorities. The Different types include; Magic Kingdom Peppermint Bark, Magic Kingdom Acai Chocolate, Magic Kingdom Cookies and Cream, Magic Kingdom Dark Chocolate, Magic Kingdom Hazelnut Crunch Chocolate, Magic Kingdom Milk Chocolate, Magic Kingdom Blend sours Tangerine

Presenting Magic Kingdom Gummies, the 3.5-gram mushroom gummies from the MK Chocolate family. Our team is dedicated to continuous innovation and stepping the boundaries in the mushroom industry, leading us to introduce these unique Mushroom Gummies. In contrast to other mushroom chocolate brands that offer only a limited selection of gummy flavors, we have a diverse gummies collection that rivals our chocolate bars.

For those who may not be chocolate enthusiasts, our mushroom gummies provide an equally enjoyable alternative. Whether you choose Magic Kingdom Chocolate or Magic Kingdom Gummies, rest assured that the potency remains consistent, delivering the same results with just a delightful variation in flavors. Your satisfaction is guaranteed, whichever MK treat you decide to indulge in.

Mushroom Chocolate and Gummies

MK Chocolates offers a diverse selection of 6 flavors, ensuring there’s something to suit every taste. Our range includes gluten-free Magic Kingdom Bars, with options like the popular Matcha flavor. This variety is one of the reasons why our Chocolate bars are highly sought after


Magic Kingdom Gummies Watermelon Mojito

Magic Kingdom – Strawberry Gummies

Magic Kingdom Gummies Raspberry Lemonade

Magic Kingdom Gummies Blueberry 

Magic Kingdom White Peach Mint

Magic Kingdom Gummies Pineapple

Magic Kingdom Caramel Apple Gummies

MK Chocolate Bar Flavors


The best mushroom chocolate bar you can find in the market, that will help you solve your problems. We also have Mushroom Gummies with deferent flavors Including Mint which improve mode and boost Energy levels.

Embark on a trip that transcends the ordinary with Magic Kingdom